take care of yourself

My birthday is sneaking up.  I won’t be telling you the date, but its a big one.

I’ve been thinking about getting older…and how my body “just isn’t what it use to be”. Now, if you’re reading this and are a bit older then myself.. I know I AM still young.  But, I really do feel old.

My younger sister Anna is pregnant.  She has three months to go with her first baby.. a girl! Pregnancy is incredible, isn’t it?  What your body does to hold and protect a baby growing inside you for ten months?  And then how your body can live on so little sleep those first weeks years with a baby.  Sure, we live through it.. but it does take a toll.

I haven’t been feeling great this summer.  I’m coping, but not great.  I start to wonder if this is just the “new me”.  Maybe its because I’m the only night responder to crying babies? Maybe its because I’ve had three babies close together?  Maybe its because my five month old is currently teething.  Then I remind myself-  I  had a c section in April. Abdominal surgery.  But my abs don’t hurt… everything else does.

I guess that’s why I feel old.

If there is one recurring thought (with getting older), its health.  I know very little about food or diet.  I’ve been to a gym less then a dozen times in my life.  If you asked me to run with you.. I’d probably stop half way (around the block) with a side ache or something that sounds like asthma.  I’m not overweight, but I’m not a picture of health.  How do you make healthier choices in this already crazy schedule as a mom?  Where do I start?

Every time I talk to my mother-in-law or read an email from her it usually ends in “take care of yourself”.  It sounds like something I should be doing.  Now about the implementation..


2 thoughts on “take care of yourself

  1. Well, I tell you to take care of yourself because I know moms are great about taking care of their husband and children, but not so good about taking care of themselves. It is definitely a challenge to take care of yourself when you have 3 little ones and there is always something to be done 24/7. You have to carve out some time for yourself. Try to figure out a way to get exercise into your routine. When the boys were little and could ride in the stroller, I walked several miles each day pushing the stroller. Of course, I didn’t have 3 little children! Do you guys have a gym or health club there near you? I have been so blessed to have access to the gym at First Baptist for many years. It has been convenient and relatively inexpensive. There is a young mom who comes to my work out class at 7AM. She has 3 young children under the age of 5 with two of them being twins. She says she works out to maintain her sanity! (she is thin and doesn’t need to lose weight) Her husband is able to keep the children so she can work out. If you could find a gym or place to work out, maybe an early morning workout could fit your schedule if Ryan could keep the children. When we lived in out in the country in E.TN., I wasn’t close to any kind of workout facility, so I had a Jane Fonday video (this is dating me 🙂 and I worked out to it. Granted, Matt was often crawling around on me while I worked out, but it was one way to get in some exercise. There are tons of exercise DVDs out there. Nutrition is really important. Be sure that you are taking some kind of vitamin supplement and try to get a protein mix to give you some extra protein and energy. We all know sleep is a huge factor in staying healthy and having energy. I know you are sleep deprived between Lucia and Colette! Don’t give up on finding something that can help Lucia sleep, then at least you would only have Colette. Jim’s mom said that when she had 3 little ones (and hers were the same age span as yours), she taught herself to take” power naps;” about a 15-20 minute nap when the kids were napping. She said that helped give her the energy she needed. i have never been good at napping, but she swears by these power naps, and still takes them. You just have to be creative and find what works for YOU.

  2. Just know that after a c-section, your body doesn’t really feel ‘normal’ for a good year after said surgery. So if you feel off, it could still be that! I had two c-sections, and I didn’t feel normal or completely healed up until my babies were a year old or so.

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