five month old

I missed posting Colette at four months.  Welcome to FIVE!

As you can see, the drool has begun.  Colette is working on cutting her first tooth! Saturday night we were up 90% of it.  Together.  And then Sunday I found it… one pearly white coming through.

Baby- stop growing up so fast.

Here she is hanging out in her new high chair.  She is very pleased to be sitting up independently and seeing the world from a new perspective.  She is eating rice cereal everyday now and quickly closing in the gap (in size) between her and the “big sis”. (Colette is in 12 month pants/Lucia 12- 18 month depending on the brand).

To compare to previous months: check here, here and here.


One thought on “five month old

  1. She is simply adorable! I would love to get hold of her and get some kisses 🙂 Well, you may have to exchange the outfit I just sent in the carebox. It’s a 9 month size, and Lucia’s pants are a 2T. Good thing that I included the receipts 🙂

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