its not up to me

I’m a planner.  I love a good plan.  I also can occasionally be a dreamer and even spontaneous.  But mostly, I like the plan.

I’m learning about plans lately.  And I’m guessing I haven’t “gotten” the lesson yet, because there have been quite a few lessons.

For example: Colette wasn’t in “the plan”.  Remember this post?  She is our perfect, chubby, third baby that came much sooner than we had planned.  Now I see that the plan was perfect.  We are blessed to be her family.  I also planned to start bottles with Colette by this point (or wean her entirely based on how exhausting nursing is).  But she will have nothing to do with the bottle.  100% me + her.

We also planned to sell our house by now.  I wrote this post a year and a half ago.  We’ve tried selling as FSBO as well as with an agent.  We made a decision to list and really thought the process would move quickly.  We love so many things about our house… certainly everyone else would as well.  We’ve had a ton of showings, weird (picky) feedback, and not one offer.

Its been frustrating.  You live in the constant feeling of uncertainty.  Things have to be kept in somewhat presentable fashion which is a major time sacrifice when our house can turn to complete disaster zone in an hour flat.  I’ve had quite a few conversations with God about our house over the last couple years.  We only need one buyer.  God, do you have a buyer?  Or is this where we’re suppose to be?  Then we’ll stay.. we’ll take down the sign and stop cleaning (quite so much).  While I might make plans (good or bad), its not really up to me.  God can do something unexpected and teach us again how HE ACTUALLY KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED.  He knows where we are,where we need to be, and the best way to get us there.  Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14 

I’m waiting on the plan.  Trying to be patient.

As a couple Ryan and I were just reminded again (in a different area) that God has a plan. A really good one. I’m excited to share part two of this post with you.  Next week..


One thought on “its not up to me

  1. I understand totally how you are feeling about the house situation. I have been praying for the Lord to send you guys a buyer and wondering why nothing has happened yet. I know God has perfect timing, but it doesn’t always seem that way from our perspective. Having our house on the market has made me feel as though I am living in uncertainty, too. I am feeling uncertain as how involved do I want to get at church in view of the fact that we may be moving. I guess I know the more committed and involved I am, the harder it may be to leave. Yet we could be here for quite awhile waiting for the house to sell. We have only had two people look at the house, and no offers. God had perfect timing, though, right?

    I am curiously awaiting part two of your post. I do hope you are not going to tell us that you guys are expecting again!!!! Jim has already wondered about that since you haven’t been feeling well these past few weeks.

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