one step at a time

As a disclaimer: as a mama, my productivity (in terms of house projects) has gone way down with each baby.

That’s why I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I love so many ideas that I find, but then I want to do them!  And lets be honest.. who has a few extra hours a day to find and execute projects off Pinterest?  In a dream world one (of many) vacations Ryan & I would take each year would be a week at home (just the two of us) getting house projects done.  My husband looks hot with a hammer, paintbrush, or saw in hand.  For real.

One of the projects I’ve pinned involves our staircase.  I snapped the first picture of it last week.  Sorry its blurry.  I’d go back and retake it, but the project is underway!  A white banister with little kids and dirty hands is a bad idea.. or with kids that find pens and like to “draw” you pictures.  On the banister.

Home Depot sells a tester size of paint now for $2.99.  I picked up one in “Spiceberry” BEHR last week.  After a couple hours, our banister got a three dollar upgrade.  Next I need to redo the white paint and maybe even the stairs.. if we haven’t sold by then..

So, what have you pinned and done?  I love hearing ideas.  Love.


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