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We had two showings on the house this week.  Same party two days in a row.  That’s a good sign.. right?  I get all worked up after hours of cleaning and wondering IF, WHEN, and WHAT kind of offer we’ll get on this house.  Yes, i know… I was just reminded through Ryan’s job that God has a plan in perfect timing (he wasn’t even looking for a job!)  So.. why is it so hard just to sit and wait?

Ryan is gone on his last short trip with Youth for Christ.  Yesterday involved a whole lot of cleaning (with the girls), picking up Jameson from preschool, and then driving around while the house was being shown.  Colette (who still won’t take a bottle, but wants to eat every 3 hours flat) was apparently starving, so I pulled the van over and nursed her while the kids watched a movie in the van.  Twenty minutes later I tried to restart the van to leave and it was dead.  Won’t do that again.  Thankfully we have friends who are kind enough to help when I’m in over my head!

No wonder I have a fever blister the size of Montana on my chin today.

Excited that Mr. Underwood is driving home.  Unfortunately my chin will indicate this hasn’t been the smoothest 48 hours without him.  But… the kids have been fed, loved, and thanks to the showings.. the house is clean.  Could be worse.

(Our breakfast this morning.  This is a great gluten free mix, especially when you add dairy free chocolate chips).  We all eat them around here.  They are that good.


One thought on “this & that

  1. So sorry that things have been so crazy! Sounds like one of those days that you want to just forget! It’s hard to not worry and fret about the house, I know. It’s been frustrating for me that our house has hardly been shown. We had one lady express interest and said she was going to make an offer; well, that was over 2 weeks ago. So what’s up with that? I have to keep reminding myself for both of us that our houses will sell in God’s perfect time. That’s easy to say, and also, easy to forget 🙂 We are really praying that these people will be the ones to buy your home, so keep us posted.
    The pancakes look yummy, but I think since I am not much of a chocolate person, that I would rather have blueberries in them 🙂

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