embrace the camera

I like you.  You are a good person to like.  When I think something is important, you think its important too.  We have good ideas.  You know how to be silly.  That’s why I like you.

I don’t know why.. but everything seems nicer with you.  I can’t remember before I liked you.  It must have been lonesome then.  Sometimes I forget why I like you.  But I do.  Even if it was august, even if it was november, even if I was no place in january.  I would go on choosing you, and you would go on choosing me, over and over again.

That’s how it will happen.  Every time.

Because I like you.  And you like me.


(a version of I Like You).  Photo credit to Staci Landis.  If you’re local, she is awesome!  If you’re not local.. you might just want to plan a day trip to Duluth.


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