can i put you on hold?

Is anyone else not a phone person?  I’ve never been a phone person… but three kids later I’m really not a phone person.  If you’re a mom you can probably guess why.  If I decide to answer a call, it is inevitable that Jameson will  tackle his dramatic sister and there will be screaming.  A lot of screaming.  Or one of the older two kids will ask every four seconds if they can talk on the phone too.  They’ll also suddenly need a snack, or need help in the bathroom, and Colette will try to get the phone so she can chew on it.  I don’t take calls.

This sums my life up perfectly:

Just in time for my 30th birthday (which is crawling up on me next week), Ryan got me an iPhone.  (My last phone needed to be charged a few hours a day which was a pretty bad sign… being as I don’t talk on the phone).  In my thirty years of life, this is my second new phone which means I feel spoiled.  I’m also loving the ability to take pictures on my phone and keep up on things even when I’m not by our home computer.  And I text.  A little.

(If you’re on Instagram I’m: lizjunderwood)

Its fun to share life, even if we can’t talk.. right?


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