a new decade

Yesterday was my birthday.  A big one.  Not forty.  Not twenty.  Just somewhere in the middle..

My best girlfriend (and sister) Kate drove six + hours with her toddler to be here the night before to spend my birthday.  A last minute plan that made an ordinary Monday so special. We played with our kiddos and even got to sneak away for coffee, TJ’s, and visiting.  Kate is “my person”.  Every year I appreciate her and our relationship more.

My younger brother Ben was also on a quick break (from the marines) to go deer hunting this past week and came for lunch yesterday.  His hugs nearly crush me, but I love that deep down… he is soft.

Ryan got out of bed (before me) and made me my favorite breakfast.  (No small gift on his part).  We had dinner as a family and then headed off to our church small group and dessert afterwards.  Did Ryan and I get a picture together?  No. But, Colette was with us for the night and tends to steal the camera.

Ryan got me this book which has already been cracked open and this book which looks like something I’ll actually be able to read as well.  He gets me.  Our home will only become more lovely this upcoming year!  Now that is love… when he knows what the consequences of getting me these books will be. 😉

In our small group last night we individually were sharing about what season of life we’re walking through right now and a common theme was abiding.

I could write about all the milestones I hit in my twenties or goals for my thirties.  I could write about things I’ve learnt or want to learn.  I could write my bucket list.  But.. instead I look back and am overwhelmed by my blessings.

God has given me not only what I desired but something better in my life.

I read a commentary on John 15:4 that translated it:

Abide in me: hold fast faith and a good conscience; let no trials turn you aside from the truth.  And I will abide in you – you shall receive every help and influence from me that you require. “

Sounds like this is exactly where I need to be.

Hello, 30….


2 thoughts on “a new decade

  1. I’ve always felt, whenever I’ve read your blogs, that we would be such great friends in every day life if only we didn’t live miles apart. I have “Young House Love” on my Christmas wish list. 🙂 Happy Birthday, Liz! In my opinion, 30 is the best! Welcome to this new and exciting decade.

  2. Sounds like you had a very special day. I am so glad Kate could come and help you celebrate.I love the way the commentary expressed John 15:4. One of my books on praying scripture states this way:
    Lord, teach me to abide—– to settle, dwell, take root in you. That’s the place we all need to be.

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