this & that..

We’re at the stage when I’m stopped every three seconds during story-time with: “what does that mean?”  From both kids.  Partly due to story-time.. I’ve had it on my mind to start yoga for at least a month now.  I think it would do wonders for the tension in my body.  If only I could carve out the time to go.  I need to go.  Maybe after Thanksgiving?

We had another showing on our house Friday.  After the morning cleaning, the kids and I literally ran to the van to escape in time.  An hour after being home again.. the house was a disaster.  I know the mess will happen..  we have kids!  But, so quickly?  I spend my life so much time walking in circles picking up.  It’s no wonder my “purging” tendency is getting worse over time.

Lucia has developed the habit of licking her lips.  Its not a pretty sight.  Any tips?  I’ve been sneaking into her room (before I go to bed) to apply chap-stick .. but even in her sleep she licks it off.  Stinker.

I’m missing my husband.  Again.  I use to think that once you got married you spent endless amounts of time together.  Your whole lives.. right?  It seems the longer we’re married, the less true that could be.

I’m looking forward to the holiday week with family and doing less.

Thankful for the curious minds, house I come home to, big red lips, and best guy ever that make this crazy life wonderful.  Even when it feels more crazy.


2 thoughts on “this & that..

  1. I can’t believe how much the house is being show. I keep praying for that right buyer to come along. I can’t imagine trying to keep a house clean to show when there are three little ones!
    We are so looking forward to the holidays and we plan for you to be able to relax and do less 🙂

  2. Avram licks his lips alot too. But then when he eats an orange or ketchup, it really stings, so he knows that it’s not good. I remind him to apply vaseline a couple times a day, and I sometimes put it on while he’s sleeping too. I remember my younger brother doing the same thing at this age.

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