Last Thanksgiving I was tying an apron around my baby bump to help in the kitchen while talking to my brother-in-law Matt about when he’d propose to his girl.  Later that night, Ryan and I were talking to his parents about moving closer to Nashville.  (At that point, we thought that would be the next step in 2012 or 13).

This year is quite different.  Colette is here!  She is becoming more vocal and letting us know she is here and likes attention just as much as her older brother and sister.  Matt proposed a couple months ago and we are excited to celebrate the “official” welcome of Ashlye in our family.  We are not moving closer to Nashville (as we had thought), which makes these visits even sweeter.  Our thanksgiving.. Underwood style:
It has been a wonderful year.  My heart could burst when I look at these pictures and see all that I am thankful for.

I love my family.


2 thoughts on “thankful

  1. My heart could burst too! I am SO thankful for Ryan, you , and the children. God has richly blessed me! It was such a special time to be with you all. I treasure those times.

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