Our family went out for breakfast today.  Our favorite restaurant… Bridgeman’s.  They serve burgers, fries, ice cream, as well as other wonderful things.  The kids were convinced (even though it was 9 am) they should get dessert for eating all their food.  I was not convinced.

Across from us sat a little old lady named “Lucy” (or so the waiter called her).  She had big red hair and had her Christmas jewelry on as well as her green holiday sweater.  She ordered coffee and a muffin and sat going through magazines.  I imagine this was the outing of her Friday.  She got up early, put her festive attire on, and sat sipping coffee and slowly paging through magazines.

How different our lives are.

I sat with Colette on my lap trying to grab and spill everything in sight.  Jameson was bossing Lucia and Lucia was crying that she was too cold, too hungry, too tired.  And Ryan and I were drinking coffee like it surely would heal our headaches and lift our spirits.

We have a lot going on right now.  Excited to share with you once we figure more out!

Until then- this girl is making lists to keep us on track…


One thought on “breakfast

  1. Well ,watching that other lady at breakfast should be a reminder that this time you are in will not last forever. Before you realize it, your children will be grown and gone, and then you and Ryan will be having coffee, just the two of you 🙂

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