close to sold

I’ve been quiet on the blog recently.  When I’m quiet on the blog it could be for a number of reasons… but, most likely it means life is a bit out of control.

Right after this post we were home decorating for Christmas and got a call for a second showing on our house.  Then December first came and BAM.  An offer.. on our house!!

Have you ever waited for something until you reach the point that you really don’t believe it will happen?  That’s where I was.  I knew it could happen, but it most likely wouldn’t.  I had let it go after writing this post.  Plus.. its winter time..people in Duluth don’t look at houses in the winter… and during the holidays?  Slim chance.

But, then we had an offer.  And a counter offer and then an inspection, a new offer, another counter offer and as of yesterday… we’re accepted the same terms!  I’ve learnt through the process that we really haven’t sold until we’ve closed on the house, but that is 34 days from today which means our December & January are looking a whole lot different.  The process has been a bit rough.  A full two weeks from an offer to acceptance.. so, we’re in a bit of a whirlwind wondering where home will be next and praying the next set of those details will come together a little bit faster.

Jameson’s home requirements involve having woods to hike in and a bunk bed.  Lucia “needs” a pink room (of course).  And Colette is along for the ride.

Its going to be an adventure..


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