moving on

I picked up this tea at Wholefoods the other night.  Before purchasing, I checked the back of the box to see the ingredients.  You’re curious as well.  Right?   Along with the ingredient list, I found this on the back of the box:

Do you sneak Valium into your toddler’s applesauce so that she gets all cuddly and quiet and just wants to chill to music all day on the couch?  When you play hide-and-go-seek with your kids, do you often forget to go find them?  Not because you don’t love and cherish them, but because, face it, you’re frazzled.  You crave a second of silence where there’s nothing to think about.  So why don’t you give yourself a time out?  

We know you’re a great parent, you just need to regroup.. 
photo (15)I’m learning about many challenges of being a mom, not only a mom, but a stay-at-home mom.  I’m learning that we can play awful guilt games on ourselves, we can stress about things (x 3 in my case), and that the gift of being able to regroup… well, it is just that.  A gift.

Colette and I have been having an adventure the last week or so.  My body has decided its done nursing.  I’ve shared before, Colette not only enjoys nursing.. but to this point in life, she refuses any other method.  Remember this post?  As you might be able to imagine.. there has been a lot of crying in the past week (mostly Colette).  It is so frustrating to hear your child miserable.  Probably especially so when you tell yourself that you should be able to feed her and you can’t.  So.. my stubborn beautiful girl has been crying and refusing bottles.  I’ve spent hours online read about tricks to get babies to take a bottle: holding them in a different position, different formulas, different nipples, not pushing it, having someone else give the bottle, the temp of the bottle… and even looked into purchasing breast milk.  And then today.. it happened!!  Colette has drank 12+ oz of formula from a BOTTLE.

It turns out the ingredient list for the tea is: orange peel, rosehips, chamomile, lemon grass, hibiscus, and peppermint.

I’m enjoying a large glass of tea and reminding myself that eight months of nursing is quite acceptable.  Yes, it is.


One thought on “moving on

  1. You are far too hard on yourself, that’s for sure! You can only do so much. You have nursed Colette for a great period of time,and now it’s time to give your body some rest 🙂 I can’t believe how strong-willed she is also. Where did all of these strong-willed kids come from?! Have you been holding out on us, or did they all get Ryan’s genes 🙂

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