I hope you can look at this picture and feel the level of sheer excitement our kiddos had on Christmas.  I think is contagious..How was your Christmas?  We had a quiet holiday which means we didn’t travel or have parties to attend.  Yet… it wasn’t quiet!  On Christmas Eve we went to a candle lite service at church.  Jameson was so excited he got to hold his own candle.  Sitting beside me in his church clothes and gel in his hair.. my son looked at least seven.  This is what people are referring to when they say “time flies”.  Time- please, please, stop.

After church the kids were actually impatient to go to bed (so that santa wouldn’t find them up or skip our house entirely).  My husband believes in teaching our kids about santa.  Not just teaching them… I’d say he goes to great lengths to make sure they believe.  I find it humorous.  Jameson shakes in excitement.  Lucia thinks it must be good.

Christmas morning the kids were up and gave us no less then two minutes before we were downstairs dumping out the goodies of their stockings.  I was happy to see them enjoying what they opened (some) before moving on.  We don’t go overboard with gift giving… but then they have grandparents too.  It was a fun morning home enjoying new toys, books, and treats.  Later in the afternoon my parents and youngest sister Debbi came over for the evening.  We had a delicious meal and plenty of entertainment.  Jameson beat Grandpa Mike playing Kinect and we all enjoyed watching (Grandpa Mike).

Today we are still singing Christmas carols, eating treats, and enjoying new toys and books.

It was a very merry Christmas indeed!


One thought on “christmas

  1. Sounds like a very merry Christmas indeed. So glad that we were able to skype and share in the joy and excitement. There is nothing quite like the joy and wonder shining in the eyes of young children at Christmas.

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