I’ve been thinking a lot lately.. about big things, hard things, beautiful things, and questions that just might never get answered.  Maybe it is partially due to a NEW YEAR: 2013!  2013 is going to take some time getting used to.

I’ve also been starting to see a whole lot more of this.

Lets talk moving.

As in thirteen days and we have to be out of here!  Its been a long journey since writing this post when we decided to list our house for the first time. Emotionally its hard to feel in transition mode for me.  I love home.  I spend a lot of time here.  A lot of (16)But, we’ve sold and as our closing date gets closer I’m suddenly aware of how leaving history here will be hard.  Good things can also be hard..right?  This was our first home. We’ve brought our babies home here.  I’m use to all the old quirks, smells, and draftiness of this place.  All five of us are.

I’ve started getting questions.  What’s next?  Where are we going?  Where are the pictures?  I shared here that the process of selling our house was a bit less then smooth. But once the steps were starting to fall into place, we hit the town with our realtor and looked at all six of the houses currently for sale in the neighborhood we’ve hoped to land in next.  The first five were depressing.. like the kind of houses that you don’t want to take your shoes off in. And then there was the sixth!  We liked the sixth.  It was a new home (built in 2007), had a good floor plan, a laundry room on the main floor, and a basement that could easily be finished off.  It was a mile from church and backed up to woods (if you’ve been following along, you know Jameson has his heart set on woods!)  It wasn’t “the perfect” house, but the pros far outweighed the cons.  A week later we made an offer (the asking price), and were given every indication the seller would be accepting.  A couple days after that, the seller came back not only declining our offer, but taking their house off the market.  That was a weird day.  It felt like things were finally moving along smoothly… I was thinking about paint colors and where we’d put things.  And then the process stopped.  We were a month out from closing on our house and quickly moving on to plan B: renting.

We’re renting.  Thankfully, I had been talking to one of my friends about their upcoming transition and plans to rent their house. So.. we’ve signed as their renters for five months! It’s an older/lovely house (deep down I’m kinda a sucker for old).  Its just a couple miles from church and will give us plenty of space to live.  It’s a good fit.

Emotionally its hard to feel in transition mode for me.  To feel still a bit unsettled.  Debating how much I’ll unpack when we’re renting and still be watching to see what houses list this spring.  but.. It’s a step closer.  I’m reminded today as I look around at bare walls in my living room and boxes scattered about what home really is to me.  It’s the five of us.  It’s not about the paint swatches or bedroom placement.  This next year is going to be a big one of transition for our family and maybe there is a plan (I don’t know about) unfolding as we take the next step.

In transition.


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