I’ve been looking for free time everyday to pack.  (We plan to move into the rental house on Wednesday and sign papers on our house this Friday).  Progress has been slow on the packing.  You see I have these two hams that find things in the boxes that they want to check out, play with, and fight over..

photo (17)And then their little sister is teething.  Babies teething and moving should not go hand and hand.  Its been seven years (this April) since we moved into this house.  We leave with many of the same things as when we arrived.  And then- THREE kiddos.  Our hearts are full.

I was thinking tonight as I washed the last dishes how crazy the last year has been and how rest would tie into my New Years resolution (if I made one).  There are many thoughts of how we could implement changes in the days to come.. it seems like the perfect time to do so.

Until next week, friends.  I’m living out of boxes…


2 thoughts on “finishing

  1. Rest would be a great resolution for me this year as well. Unfortunately, that’s one resolution I have absolutely no control over.

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