our markings

Come on in!  We’re in the rental house now…


Never mind the boxes in every corner.  We work around them.  At least brown is a neutral color.. right?  We have tons of stuff stored in the basement family room still unpacked.  I know its there and am reminded every time I go downstairs to run laundry.  But (being the minimalist I am) it does beg the question “if we’re living without it now.. do we really NEED it?”  I think we’ll be having our second garage sale this spring/summer when we settle into a new home.

If you were coming over for afternoon coffee we’d have it in the dining room because the natural sunlight in this place is amazing and I’d tell you this whole process has been quite emotional.  Or maybe I’m just emotional?  The road of selling our house was long.  Really long.  Still, as I cleaned it for the last time.. I felt sad thinking of never coming home here again.  We worked so hard to make it home.  There are markings of the kids growth on the back of their bedroom doors and a hundred other markings that it was ours.  That life happened there.  I hope the new owner quickly feels at home and loves it (almost) as much as we did.

And I’m thankful!  We’re renting a house that works for us and we’re happy to temporarily not be home owners as we look for the next best match for us.  House hunting!  It kinda feels like dating..


One thought on “our markings

  1. Leaving a home is emotional as there are so many memories associated with it. I felt a myriad of emotions as I walked through our house the last night of our move. We lived there for 20 years; that’s half of our married life! The boys spent most of their childhood in that house; esp. Matt. He was only five when we moved in. So much laughter, fun, tears, and life occurred there. Now we are in our mountain home and ready to make memories here 🙂

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