I’ve got a thing for chalk walls.

Our first chalk wall was used many hours for art, menu planning, quotes..  It was a great way of combining beauty and function.. which is my home decorating style!

Since our landlords are cool enough to go along with my thing for chalk.. after being here three weeks, a lonely wall in the kitchen is setting and almost ready for some action (chalk action that is).

photoRather than menu planning this time around, I’m thinking I’ll use the top portion of the wall (where the kiddos can’t reach) for schedule stuff.  Call it a belated New Year’s resolution combined with influence from our MOPS speaker this past Thursday: I’m feeling a different kind of motivation.  A couple years ago I would have defined motivation in terms of how much I got done.   In the past year I’d say my getting done has declined (quite seriously) and so I’ve been wondering if I’m in fact motivated anymore.

Quite honestly there are few things about my day that I’d describe as motivating.  Quite the contrary.  Somewhere in the midst of the repetitive cycle of being in charge here.. I think I’ve slowly started to stop thinking about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.  I’ve also stopped thinking about me…who I am, my desires, and how even this season (right now) influences the future.  I haven’t been intentional.  I think this is a hard one for mamas.  We do a lot for our family and often move ourselves to the end of the line.  We certainly don’t want to be the wife and mama who neglect our family to only take care of ourselves… and yet, if we don’t take care of ourselves.. what do we really have to give?

I’m not just talking about shopping or getting a pedicure.  I’m talking about remembering our identity, our goals, our growth.  It’s key.  I won’t always be a mama to a baby and two toddlers.  It’s a season.

So- what is my motivation?  What do I want?

What do you want?  Or.. do you know?

(The speaker at our MOPS group, summed up this topic on her blog here if you’d like to read more).


One thought on “self-motivation

  1. A) I love the chalkboard. Love, love, love it.
    B) No, I do not know what I want. I have a post in the works on this same exact topic. Lots of questions and thoughts rattling around in my head lately!

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