turtleneck tuesday

A couple weeks ago, a blog I follow declared “turtleneck tuesday” which is as cool as it sounds.  A day challenging modesty and pictures to prove it.  Thankfully I don’t own a turtleneck.. instead, I snapped this picture of myself at TJ Maxx trying on my newest outfit.

Not sure how I’ve gone without electric blue pants this long. love them.

photo (19)

I was raised to be modest.  I was also raised with the conviction that if a guy didn’t like me in modest clothes.. he really didn’t like me all that much.  Makes sense- doesn’t it?

The problem is..  I’m not the only woman my husband sees.  So.. I have a husband + not all women have the same modesty conviction as myself + I can be sensitive on this issue= a negative.  Ryan and I have had many conversations on this topic in our married life.. about what lack of modesty is like for a guy.  He has told me how hard nearly impossible it is to focus when a woman is in public half naked.  I want to pretend half naked women in public don’t exist.  They do.  And how men respond to all that extra skin is a purity question for sure.  But, I see how we (as women) are guilty here too.  We’re the ones getting dressed… we call our lack of modesty “getting a better tan line” or feeling “good about ourselves”.

So, I say we could be in this together!  A goal of “turtleneck tuesday” is to challenge both modesty and fashion.  To prove you can look cute covered up.  Right?

Lets strut that turtleneck..


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