one hour/three dollars later

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we’re getting a bit more settled around these parts. Slowly, we’re adjusting to a new space as renters.  Renting is a weird transition place for me.  But.. for today it’s home and we want it to be cared for just like it was our own.

This week the cabinet in the bathroom seemed to be staring me down with an ugly eye. Something like this..


The picture above makes the paint look way more purple than it actually is (that’s what happens when you take a picture late at night with your phone.

I picked up a sample size of paint while out running errands the other night called “sweet chamomile” by BEHR.  Then during rest time (for the kiddos) yesterday, made this space way happier:

photoHow many days will I keep it this clean?  We shall see.

Feels like spring to me.


2 thoughts on “one hour/three dollars later

  1. I need you to come stay in my log house with me for awhile and pick your brain for cute decorating ideas 🙂 You can decorate and I’ll play with the kids 🙂

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