spring will come

I’m desperate for spring.  Today the sunlight was shining through the house, so I adjusted our schedule (and put off other things), to be sure we could enjoy as many minutes as possible at the park near where we’re living.  Colette giggled as I pushed her in the swing and I watched as the older two yelled, chased, and asked me over and over: “watch this mom!”  

In between busyness at the park I thought about a new bike for Lucia this summer, and the first plans for our three spring birthdays coming soon.

This winter has been intense.  Its been hard and good.  I plan to write more soon, but I’m processing.  Somedays are easier than others.  But today I know this:

 In all things God works for the good of those who love Him.

In ALL things.  Does that mean it always feels like its working out?  No.  Often it doesn’t. But -as I work through this season of my life I can see how even the hardest days are making me stronger.  Come what may tomorrow, we’re choosing joy today.



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