Have I mentioned before how the process of buying and selling a home reminds me of dating?  It does.

In January we moved into a rental house.  The first time we walked through the house (as potential renters), I knew this house would suite us.  I could picture life happening here.  At that point, we were also hoping to buy a different house.  But the offer wasn’t accepted, and so it felt like we broke up with plan A to move to plan B: renting.  Renting didn’t make sense financially. It didn’t make sense logistically (thinking of moving twice in 2013).  But the house… the house made sense.

We moved in January.  The friends helping with the move and every visitor since has said how well this rental house suited us.  Our landlords have been great!  They told us little quirks to anticipate about the house, had it cleaned before our arrival, and even have thanked us for sending each months rent!  From day one I told myself not to get attached to the house and definitely not to fall in love.  It didn’t work.  I’m attached.

We’ve continued to look at other houses with our realtor.  Some nicer than others but nothing that felt like home.  Then a few weeks ago, our landlords decided they would sell!! To Us!  Suddenly our relationship to this house changed.  We’re starting to look at it differently.  It felt like that point in dating where you have “the talk” about how you feel and making things official.

photo (21)

We’re official.

Crazy how a journey that has taken this long and felt quite painful (at times) is coming together this perfectly.

Stay tuned next week.  I’m planning to post a few pictures as we settle.  After sharing a room for three months, we’re splitting up the shared room for Jameson & Lucia.  Creating new spaces.  Thinking about making it home.


One thought on “home

  1. I can’t wait to see more of your house! What a great story!!!! House stories are the best. I think someday I should write a book filled with peoples’ house stories. I’d totally read a book like that. Congratulations. And how awesome is God? You don’t even have to move again! We rented too before we found this house. I loved our rental. Loved it enough to settle for the time being, it was perfect for us. But I was ready to move on when we found this house. So so so happy for you all:)

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