all natural

I’ve been daydreaming about having chickens.  In our backyard.  Yes… we live in the city in a house with a small fenced in yard.  But- there is enough room for chickens!

I tell myself that every animal is cuter as a  baby.  Even though we’d have the best eggs on the block.. we’d also sacrifice our yard.. to chickens.  Maybe it’s a bad idea.

Deep down there is a streak of hippie inside me.  Occasionally it surfaces and I want chickens or to garden and cook more from scratch.  Our family signed up for our first CSA this year.  It’s scheduled to start in the next weeks.  I am so excited to not only support local farming – but to eat better and try new things.

I found this book on Amazon the other day and would love to check it out.  

Have any of you done a CSA before?  Two things I’ll be learning: how to can with any extra produce and also how to cook with lamb.  Any tips?

More to come!

csa box


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