a sisters room

It’s done!!  We closed on the house Friday.  In an hour we moved from renters to home owners.  It felt so easy at the end of a very long journey.  Three years in the making.  Not sure when it will entirely sink in that we don’t have to move!   Someone -please pinch me.

And now comes the part I love… making this place home.

I’ve been working on this room for a couple months.  (Just so you don’t get the idea that I’m super woman.  Or that this has been a quick weekend project.)  I still have a couple things to get done.  But.. it’s looking like a sisters room.  


We obviously didn’t put a lot into it as an office.  This place was temporary (or so we thought at the time we threw office stuff in).

I loved doing the girls room first because we didn’t have the space in our old house. When we left Lucia was still in a toddler bed (crib) in the nursery which was a 1/2 bedroom. Colette had been sleeping in a playpen since she was born in Jameson’s room. (To clarify: she wasn’t born in Jameson’s room.  She shared a room with him).

Friends from church gifted us with the bunk-bed frame and Lucia requested a pink room. That’s what I had to work with. I love spending time in this room because it feels like us:




IMG_8568IMG_8570Source List:

-Paint: BEHR Angel Blush

-Curtains and throw pillow: Target

-Black Out Shades: Overstock

-Comforters, Wall Clock, Crib, White Play Table: IKEA

-Book Rack: TJ Maxx

-Hanging Light: Land of Nod


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