big boy room

I have a four (almost five) year old boy with opinions.  It’s so fun and interesting to hear his thoughts on things.   And his bedroom… his bedroom is no exception!  When we get home decor magazines in the mail Jameson will actually go through them and circle things he likes.

We had a lot to work with from his former bedroom which I intentionally made a boys room vs a toddler look.  So..the last couple weeks I’ve been painting and pulling things still from boxes.  I’m hoping this helps my boy feel more at home here.  My favorite new thing we added was a light fixture I found on Etsy.  Jameson says ” I think it’s good, mom”.  

(Excuse the bad phone photo.  it’s the only one I snapped beforehand.)

Jman's Room

The most time consuming thing about setting up both the kids room has been painting the trim.   I’m a big fan of painted trim (when it’s white).  All other colors… not so much.   Half of the trim upstairs (the bedrooms on the left side of the hall) were painted a flesh/brown color.  The bedrooms on the right side of the hall have white trim.  As I said… lots of painting.  Lots of breaking.  And more painting.  Still thinking I may repaint Jameson’s headboard which I originally painted yellow.  What do you think?






Source List:

Paint: BEHR Lion

End Table and Throw Pillow: Urban Outfitters

Comforter: Land of Nod

Desk, Mirror, Chest, Globe: Local Shops “Junk Hunt” & “Golly G”

Light: Etsy

Clock: IKEA


5 thoughts on “big boy room

  1. I love the doors in your house! I wish we had doors like that, rather than our hollow particle board doors. The whole room looks terrific!

  2. I would love to get something for his room. Any suggestions? Does he need a fun rug or a picture? We do have Ryan’s picture of the little boy here for you guys to take back with you.

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