This week my boy turned five.  Unbelievable.  We didn’t celebrate the day in a special way, because our five year old was convinced it would not be right to celebrate before his party this weekend.  His guests wouldn’t appreciate it.  He insisted on no treat and no singing.

(I realize he’ll probably cash in on celebrating twice next year).

Instead of celebrating, after dinner I cut his hair.  We usually put it off until he has quite a head of it.  Mostly because what child wants their hair cut?  Not mine.  So… I cut his hair and listened to him talk about his upcoming party.  I was distracted at this bare chested boy sitting below me.


I’ve been cutting Jameson’s hair since he was a baby.  Before his first birthday.  He has a lot of hair and a hairline just like his dad.  So, I try to keep it from going crazy.  (Especially since he’s not into hair products yet!)  There are times (like this week) as a mom where i stop and seriously cannot believe how quickly time is flying with my kids.  I know this is a sentiment we hear a lot (and sometimes don’t believe when our kids are drying us crazy), but my toddler is gone.  Instead, I look at this handsome/curious five year old boy in front of me..

So thankful that he calls me his mama.


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