“A welcoming home is where real life happens. It’s where personalities are nurtured, where growth is stimulated, where people feel free not only to be themselves but also to develop their best selves. That caring, nurturing quality – not the absence of noise or strife – is what makes a home a refuge.”

~ Emilie Barnes


Fridays are my favorite day of the week.  Its Ryan’s one day completely off of work.  Slow fridays are especially my favorite.  We had a danish and coffee for breakfast, laundry to do, time to walk, and started putting a few things up on the walls.  My kind of a day.  But… even on fridays we have children with their own opinions bossing it up, we have melt downs in public, and a lack of listening.  On fridays children still disobey.

I’ve been thinking about home lately.  About how our attitudes/how we are doing affects the environment so strongly.  For good and bad.  We had the stomach flu this month.  All five of us.  It was intense.  Since then (unrelated) Colette has been having some “issues”. The girl won’t poop.  It’s actually a big deal.  It makes her quite irritable which makes us all more irritable.  Jameson especially gets frustrated when she is fussing all day, he’ll get stern and say “Colette- would you stop crying for a minute?”   There also seems to be a conspiracy between our children.  If Ryan and I are in bed at a decent hour (before 11), one of our kids will wake.  There will be bad dreams, diaper issues, growing pains..  To the point that you’re afraid to get comfortable on the pillow.  It affects our attitude.

Little things affect everything when you’re living in a house with five people.  Now that the sickness is gone and Colette has had quite a bit of Miralax, we’re doing better.  I’m thinking about home and how it could be a refuge (even with a young family).  I want my kids to enjoy being home.  I want them to look back someday and remember all the fun things we did together.  Here.  I also want to find ways to make it an easier place for my husband to come home to.  When he is having a hard time.. when he feels unsettled, I want this to be a place he can rest.  I want us to be ourselves and to develop into our best here.

I realize what this means for our family stems (in many ways) from me and the tone I set everyday.  With a new home, still a new job, and ever changing kids.. I’m being intentional about what priorities I value to make this a place to rest.

Especially on fridays.. but any day.


2 thoughts on “fridays

  1. Yes. And yes. Saturdays is our day. I often think to myself, “If only we had a fenced in yard, then it would be so much easier to relax!” Alas we do not. So we savor the good parts and work through the frustrating stuff. And then out of nowhere, someone gains a new independance (Fern just learned how to drink out of a real cup, Roman can put on his own shoes now) and I get back one more minute for myself. A minute at a time, a year at a time. We’re getting there.

  2. I always wanted our home to be a place of refuge for all of us; a place of peace and rest. All we can do is strive to do our best to make our home a wonderful place for each family member, realizing that there will be times of stress and distress. We can try to make the postive and happy times outweigh the negative ones.

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