fourteen month

I’m from a big family.  I’m the third of eight.  I like it.  There is has always been something going on.. so I’ve never blamed my parents for the fact that there are lage gaps in photo coverage of my life.  Maybe they missed some of my more awkward stages that way?

In an effort to keep the camera attention balanced for our third, I decided to post monthly pictures/updates on Colette.  My last monthly update was here.  Good intentions.. it’s tough to be the baby (not really).

Colette- you are developing into quite the personality.  I never understood before what being “verbal” (without actually having a vocabulary) meant.  You are the definition.  You groan and yell and baby talk.  You communicate.  Loudly.  You also use your pointer finger a lot. So.. thanks for making things clear.  Your only actual works are “ba ba” (bottle), “da da”, “ma ma”, “hi”, and “bye”.  And you also shake your head no.  Appropriately.

beachYou are laid back in many aspects.  You play well on your own and love getting into things. Right now one of your favorite things is to pull every single book off the book shelf.  Maybe I should just leave them there to break the habit.  You love being outside.  You typically scream when I put you back in the stroller after we play at the park.. you make a scene. You are close to walking.  You walk around furniture very confidently using only one hand to balance.  You are thrilled with new tasks mastered (your mama is feeling mixed emotions on that).

eatingYou are a picky eater.  You love your bottles, carbs, and sweets.  Our family eats pretty healthy (with your brother and sister being no exceptions), so you’ve got a ways to go there.  You often look at your dinner, shake your head no, and then slowly drop pieces to the floor.  A dog would come in handy.

You also have a goofy sense of humor.  When you have our full attention you’ll do crazy things and laugh at yourself.  You crack us up.

I love getting to see you grow.  It’s wonderful and a bit sad.  The days are long… but the last year has gone so fast!

I love you cocoa.  I love how you are so unique.  You are not just like Jameson or Lucia. You are you.. I love that!


One thought on “fourteen month

  1. I love hearing all about little Colette. I feel sad that I have had so little time with her 😦 But its wonderful to see pictures and hear your insights on her little personality. Give her a big hug and kiss from Nana.

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