The kids and I were playing at the park this morning.  The park is a block from our house, which means we end up there a lot.  I like the park for people watching.  Today there was a mom with her three grade school boys.  The boys were finding sticks to hit each other with, were throwing sand, running and yelling in circles.  (Jameson watched them with a curious smirk and Lucia reported to me on every single thing they did).  When the mom noticed what they were doing, she kept repeating “make good choices”.  She must have said the expression twenty times while we were at the park.  It’s a good sentiment really. We need to think about the choices we’re making.  In this case… the boys response (lack of response) showed me they weren’t very tuned in.  Maybe they were making the wrong choice, or maybe they were ignoring her entirely..?  I’ve had kids do both.  I felt empathy.

We’ve been talking a lot as a couple lately about what we want our kids to know as the ground rules of our home.  If we boil things down… what is the core?  Because if we corrected and worked on everything all at once it would be some heavy Helicopter Parenting.  We’re in the thick of it.  We’re trying to be intentional about teaching and living the values we hold so that our kids understand the choices we make and what is expected of them.

Probably the scariest part is…  it will be their choice.  They will grow up with their own challenges, weaknesses, strengths, and will need to ultimately choose for themselves. Still-It helps me to be more intentional.  To think through what I’m doing here on a daily basis and the biggest things I want our kids to be learning.

Check back later this week to see our family values up (on the wall) of our freshly painted hallway!


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