Finally.. every bit of the brown/fleshy trim is gone.  Four coats later.  Adios!

Here is our upstairs hall a couple weeks ago.  Yes, that is a laundry chute on the left side. I always wanted a laundry chute!


As you can see in the next picture, the end of the hall is our main bath.  There are four bedrooms (two on either side of the hall).  Talk about lightening the place up!  I also put a fresh coat of paint “Silver Drop” by BEHR on the walls.


We hung our family values on the wall space directly across from the laundry chute.. low enough that the kids can see it. They like that we included art which totally reinforces things and makes it a little more interesting.  I got the idea off pinterest, we talked as a couple quite a bit about what we wanted to include, and then my genius husband did the rest.  Yes, he is that good.

IMG_1207It’s a happy hallway.  Thanks for checking it out!

(for my other house projects this spring check here and here).


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