a quiet place

I found I could say things with color that I couldn’t say any other way- things I had no words for.  – Georgia O’Keefe 

IMG_8851IMG_8840IMG_8842IMG_8846IMG_8843I neglected to take a shot of our bedroom before I painted.  It had two different colors.  I’d call one an army green and the other a golden yellow.  Both quite bold.  Can you picture it?  I wanted to lighten the space up while keeping the brown shades (black out shades) we’ve gotten quite attached to.  And.. I was excited about the idea of white bedding that we found at IKEA.  After I got the walls painted I realized the trim that I thought was white was actually not.  It was more of a creamy tan.  (After finishing the hall I crossed “trim work” off the list.)  Blast.  A slow project of repainting everything.  But boy… it’s fresh now!

Ryan and I both love a quiet look for our space.  Just looking at this room (as I walk by it thirty times a day) makes me want to sleep.  Oh well.. we’ll sleep one day.

Still makes me happy walking by.



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