We celebrated 10 years of marriage last week.  I can’t quite believe it.  Ryan and I escaped (just the two of us) for a wedding date after a very full week.  It’s always nice to attend a wedding with your favorite guy.  When you’re dating, engaged, and yes.. even after ten years of wedded life.  It reminds you of all the promises you made.  Promises you really couldn’t keep in the first place.  Could you?  We’re still learning to think of each other first.  We’re learning that our differences can be our greatest strength as a couple.. instead of our greatest struggle.  And most importantly.. we’re learning (right now) how to help each other.

If I wrote my wedding vows again I’d include that I promise to always work on this.

At ten years in we have three kids: ages 5,3, and 1.  We just bought our second home. We welcomed my youngest sister home here two weeks ago.  She reminds me daily that I’m old (well… getting old).  Ryan and I married as babies.  Looking back now I wonder more what our parents thought.  Did they worry we wouldn’t finish our senior year of college? What did my dad think when a 19 year-old guy nervously asked for my hand? But, its worked for us! We finished school, we started life together, we waited to start our family, and then God gave us our family.  Quickly.

I never wish we had waited longer to marry.  We’ve grown up together.  We’ve seen each other through quite a few hard things and even more happier things.

Happily married 10 years.


One thought on “ten

  1. I am so proud of both of you! It takes hard work to make a good marriage, and I don’t think you can ever quit working on making it better. You both were more mature than most couples when you married, so we weren’t really worried about you. You and Ryan were far more spiritually mature than Jim and me when we married. May the Lord continue to bless your marriage.

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