The last month slipped away.  I’m here.  Many times I’ve intended to sit down to write and other times with no words to write.

In August I started painting our bathroom teal.


Bold, eh?  All the trim work was done and then Colette got sick.  This scenario has happened before.  The next week of our life was consoling a very sad (and impacted) baby girl.  One trip to the ER, a visit with a pediatric GI specialist, a few enemas, testing… makes me wonder and anticipate the day when talk of such bodily functions is done. Thankfully Colette was doing much better after the chaos just in time for our road trip!

The GI Doctor said to anticipate months until things are more “normal”.  (The problem has been slowly in the works since I weaned her).  The problem?  She keeps herself from going.  Stubborn girl.  Until then we wake every night with a sad baby who needs changing. Back to the newborn days.

And so… we packed up our newborn and the rest of the family for a two day road trip to Nashville to witness and be a part of my brother-in-law’s wedding. It was a beautiful day! B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.  Highlighted (for me) by the realization that time has passed sharing life with the Underwood family.  And time passing can be a beautiful thing.  Also, the best man. He was a highlight.

After the wedding we drug 3 kids and Debbi back to the van for just a few more hours to share a week with my in-laws in their new smoky mountain home.  I could never have imagined a better “fit” for their retirement.  Loved seeing them living life exactly where they’ve wanted to be!  Hiking..


Then there was school planning and details to finish for Jameson’s start of home kindergarten and Lucia off to preschool two days a week.  Another transition still with an unpainted bathroom… and newborn.  Which if you know my personality was a problem. The day after getting home from Tennessee I spent hours in the bathroom and after a month in process we have a bathroom with one color walls again.  Unreal!  <Pictures to follow this week>.

The month has been exhausting.  Good mixed in the exhaustion.. but I’m feeling there is too much.  Asking what needs to change.  I know it won’t all be wrapped up and perfect, but my heart feels unsettled.  The work is hard but the discernment to know what to do is harder.

Asking for strength.  Taking one day at a time.

“we have hope as an anchor.  firm and secure”.  – Hebrews 6:19



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