I love painting and decorating.  It’s not that I need extra projects to work on (I have enough to do), but for me- making our house home is a joy.  It’s a great outlet. And every girl needs an outlet.  Amen?  It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparison, and I see a lot of beautiful ideas and spaces.  Just doing what I like with what I have.  And loving it.

Below is a picture I snapped of our main bathroom before starting.


The only things needed for the upgrade were: a quart of paint, a new light fixture, and bath mat.  Under fifty dollars!!  That’s the way I roll.  In the future we’ll need to replace the toilet, paint the ceiling, and I’d love to put in a floor like this.  Making priorities.  I also took down the shower curtain and am just using our $3 liner for now.

The bath is small, and with small spaces comes being creative.  I gave Ryan the idea of hanging our toothbrushes (since we have no counter space), and he used two of our drinking glasses and a piece of wood we had from another project.  I also spray painted our towel rack from our last bath and put that up for guest towels.PicMonkey Collage

I’m really happy with the small improvements.  This is by far the boldest color paint I’ll use here.  Until now, I’ve been using much softer colors than our last house so it was fun to branch out.  The bath feels bright and (sometimes) clean.  I think a bathroom should say “wake up”!  Right, Mr. Underwood?

Thanks for checking it out.


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