I spent a day away helping Nan this weekend.  She and my Papa move in a week.. closer to us! Right now they are in the process of packing up life from the past 30 years in their two bedroom apartment in Bloomington.  All my memories are in this place.  I remember sleeping in their living room when we visited, swimming in the apartment pool, taking saunas with Papa, shopping with Nan nearby. But most of all- I remember the excitement in driving there and the sadness when we had to leave Nan’s.

Many wonderful memories.  Here are my Nan and I back in 1985- in the apartment.  Nan is wearing her holiday sweater and is so excited for Christmas that she won’t sit down.  I’m her side kick.

nan and liz

Nan has taught me many valuable life lessons.  I drove away yesterday thinking of the passing of time and how it really is both a beautiful & hard process.  Beautiful for the gift of calling her Nan, and hard to see her aging and unable to do what she once did.  Wishing I could help more.  The thing I love most about Nan is her ability to look at (and truly care about) others. Nothing gives her greater joy than serving those she loves.   Regardless of how she is feeling or what she has.. she will give.  She sets herself aside.  It is her greatest strength. 

As I drove down to the cities I was thinking about things going on in our life right now. This year has brought many unexpected changes.  I’m feeling unsettled.

Before I left- Nan and I talked over coffee.  She encouraged me that God is enough.  He knows that I’m unsettled.  Perhaps He wants me to be… to help me grow?  To challenge me?  Because if I knew everything, I wouldn’t need Him the same.

I’m okay.

Setting my unsettled self aside.  Our greatest strength is Him.




2 thoughts on “nan

  1. I am reminded of the song, “Christ is enough for me.” It’s true for sure. I know you will enjoy having your Nan closer to you. You are blessed by this relationship and I am sure that she feels the same. Are they moving to Duluth or near your parents?

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