what’s cooking

Have you ever made a decision that feels so right you quickly forget how things use to be?

It’s been five months since this post when we joined a CSA!  Below are just a few of the things we’ve been cooking up in the Underwood home.

Turns out buying good food makes me strangely happy.

csaCSA= community sponsored agriculture.  It’s buying your food from local farmers.  In our case: Wisconsin (which if you take the shortest route is only twenty minutes from home). Farmers (who offer a CSA) sell “shares” for a weekly, monthly, or yearly fee.  They also sell various size shares and you pick what you’d like included.  The somewhat tricky part is you’ll get whatever is ready that week. Which means… you get what you get & learn how to plan your meals around it.

If you’re wondering if this is more expensive than shopping at the grocery store.  It is (unless you’re buying your meat/produce from Wholefoods).

So, what makes me strangely happy about the experience?  We’re making healthier choices for our family.  We’re choosing to do it the way it use to be  was created.. from farm to table.

Jameson and I are reading through Little House on the Prairie together everyday.  I loved the series as a girl.  Now as a mom I’m impressed reading about the way the Ingalls family did life.  They had an adventurous spirit and delight in making home and working (doing things well) and finding joy in the smallest tasks. Talk about a work ethic!  Another reminder how far we’ve come.. and the many conveniences we have.. like getting a CSA box instead of killing our game for dinner.

It’s the small things.


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