an experiment: spending

I have five sisters.  I consider each one a friend.  We all have a bit of each other in us. We (somewhat regularly) show up to family gatherings wearing the same clothes.  We’re a pack.  This morning I got a text from my sister Anna:

“oh my goodness.  guess what I have in my car ready to mail to you?  7!  just read your blog post.  wow.  coincidence?”  

After texting more about the book (which she has already read) and I’m currently reading.. we talked about personally challenging each other and walking through the chapters together.  And why not you TOO?  If you haven’t read the book yet, I’d say.. do it!  Start now.  We’ve started a group on Facebook to challenge and talk through things as we go. We’ll do a chapter each month in a somewhat backwards/skipping pattern- due to holidays (we wanted to be nice!)  Here’s the schedule:

  • Oct 14- Nov 14= spending.

Select 7 vendors (besides monthly bills) that will get your money this month.  Only seven. Ryan and I will be strictly shopping at the following this month:  Holiday (gas), Target, Sam’s Club, Dunn Brothers, WholeFoods, Marshall Hardware, and New London Cafe.  It’s already caused a problem as I looked for something on Amazon this morning..  yikes! 

  • Nov 14- Dec 14= clothes.  7 items (minus underwear and PJ’s) to wear for the month.
  • Dec 14-Jan 14 = waste.  7 ways towards being greener for the month.
  • Jan 14-Feb 14= food.  7 foods for the month (already scared of this one!)
  • Feb 14-March 14= media.  7 forms of media out for the month.
  • March 14-April 14= possessions.  7 items given away per day (or per week!)

Six months.  Six areas.  If you’re adding things up, we are missing one to make seven.. but the last month is about stress which is a somewhat tricky area to measure so that’s just an extra one for your reading/personal challenge.  I’m pumped.  I believe the experiment (for me) will help me become more aware of my privileges and the way I take them for granted. Who knows how fasting in these categories could cultivate something new in me? 

Why not join?  You could stay in the back seat by reading along the journey as I document it here… and be amused.. or you could jump in!  If you’re game- send me a message on FB, and I’ll add you to the private “7” group we setup.

Here’s a promo of the book too if you need a little push….


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