a start

I made a fast on Monday.  I’ve already been tempted to break it.  Three times.  I know quite a few of you read about it..(because WordPress tells me things like that).  You’re probably wondering what I’m doing.  Which is a good question.

I’m feeling stirred right now to step things up in my life.  Not for the sake of my marriage or my children.. but, for who I AM.  It’s a very uncomfortable place because I don’t know where I’m going.. but, I’m taking a start.

The day I am unaware of my privileges and unmoved by my greed is the day something has to change.  – Jen Hatmaker 

In fasting one of my goals is to read more.  By removing the excess in these next six months, I should really have time to do it.  Right?  I got a library card last month and we’ve been blowing through books.. and they’re free!  I’m working through classics with Jameson and as of today plotting a vegetable garden using this as a reference.  

Any of you have tips for me?  My thumb isn’t the slightest bit green.



3 thoughts on “a start

  1. Can’t help you on the green thumb stuff, but remember that L shaped garden in Cloquet? 🙂
    Also, I’m here for you in the fast!!

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