I am a happier girl in the fall.  It’s the colors + the fresh sweet smell. I’m inspired.

We are in the prime of fall right now- which means it will soon be gone.  Here are a few of my favorite things to glance at in my days at home:

fall collage


I’m whizzing through books with the kids.  Jameson and Lucia’s current favorite is Press Here.  Darling book.  I’ve also gotten quite a few books I’m actually enjoying and am dominating my personal challenge to read more.  Right now I’m skimming through The Rhythm of Family.  The pictures alone are marvelous!  It also hits that green/hippie part inside me.  I’m amused.  I embrace it. 

The chapter about fall talks about what this time of year use to symbolize.  This is when our ancestors prepared for the winter ahead.. this wasn’t a conscious, political, or environmental decision they made… rather this was a necessity of life.  If they didn’t prepare for the long/cold winter- it literally could be the difference between life and death. But by doing so (by working the harvest-chopping the wood), they connected to life in a way we don’t today.  Which tells me – we miss something.  In our haste and overfull lives, we forget to stop and glance at the marvelous details of fall. We are not part in it. Today our kids won’t know how food is grown.  They’ll never feel the satisfaction of getting things ready for season transitions.. unless we allow them to.

Standing still.  Breathing it in.



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