sugar with a lot of spice

-Dear Colette-

Someday when you are a young mother, navigating the exhausting/beautiful journey with your own babe… I hope you ask what you were like the first years of life.  And this is what I’d tell you:

You were sweet.  As a baby, you cuddled more than your older brother or sister.

You loved nursing.  In fact, you refused to eat before you took a bottle.

You were not motivated to crawl or walk.  Even after you “got it”- it took awhile for you to commit.  Seventeen months came and then you were up and toddling.

You were so cute that complete strangers stopped me to say they had never seen such a beautiful baby.

Your sense of humor was outrageous.  You’d imitate me the most..

(which explains that in part).

IMG_4650Even though you were my third baby, from the start I was reminded that life is precious and the journey of being your mother would be different.  Because you were different.

At eighteen months, you are smart and busy.  You know what so many things mean, but say very little.  You repeat your own dialect over & over.  You want to be heard!

I sit and wonder what you will become.  You are sweet and affectionate.  You are laid back but stubborn.  You are beautiful and funny.

I love you something fierce.

Which you already know.

*photo by Kiley Marissa Photography*



One thought on “sugar with a lot of spice

  1. What a precious picture! She looks so feminine, yet really mischievous 🙂 Never fear, she will talk and when she starts, she may not shut up 🙂

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