I pray for new eyes to see..for a way outside myself and my tense/swirling chaos.  – Shauna Niequist

This quote beautifully summarizes where I am.  Today.  I’m days away from ending month one of a fast I’ve committed to.  The experience has been hard and good.  More than anything- the fast has helped me apply discipline.

As a family, we chose seven places to spend our money in the last 30 days (only with a few slips).  It’s forced me to plan ahead, to go without something I “needed” in the moment, and even to listen better because there was just too much before. 

Last night Ryan and I visited with my Nan, Papa, and Uncle Rick which was a perfect way to spend a date-night this week.. we had the drive to catch up (without distraction) and a visit with some of my favorite people!  Being with Nan -I’m constantly reminded to think of others.


To take a fast not only as a “break”- but as a challenge to actually take what I’m learning and apply it to the way I live.  I’m excited (and nervous) to learn about how less could mean more.

The spirit of a fast: an intention reduction, a deliberate abstinence to summon God’s movement in your life.                                                                                              – Jen Hatmaker


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