I like your Christ.  I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.     – Gandhi

I haven’t been listening.  I’ve been sailing along.  Now I look about asking “why?”  Why couldn’t I hear this before?  Why have I been comfortable… so comfortable being comfortable. 

Month two of the fast: seven items of clothing for 30 days.  I’m almost a week in.  My closet has always been about this size. I don’t have clothes issues for a GIRL…right?  Because I know many have much bigger closets- I didn’t think of the many who don’t.  

Static has always surrounded the Christian life; so much threatens to distract us from the main point.  People have always preferred details and rules..but when Jesus was pressed He said: “Love God.  Love people.”  -Jen Hatmaker

Tuning in.  Past the static.

How do we put love into action?  Convinced if we took these two commands- our homes, church, world would be entirely different.



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