The start of a New Year!

Thinking back to the last twelve months.. it’s quite ironic my first post last year was about transitions yet in my heart I was hoping for things just to stand still (for a moment).  To pause.  We started the year in a rental house that turned out being OUR house this summer.  I’ve spent hours painting and making home here (with many dreams still on my mind).  We had birthday parties for the kids this spring, a surprise party for Ryan’s 30th, we had family stay, hosted large groups and small groups from church.  Then hospitality went up to a whole new level when my baby sister moved in this summer for her senior year.  I’ve been stretched in how I view home (as not just “mine”) and then challenged in how to share it with others.  This is where ministry can take place.  Still there is much to be learnt in this regard.

The summer brought transition as Ryan’s new boss was making his own transition.  Our church has since been without a lead pastor.  Though we’ve served in ministry positions for nine years now- we’ve never been on staff at a church without a lead pastor.  Waiting (some days patiently) to see…  When we accepted this job a year ago- things fit together so beautifully.  I’m reminded of that on days when I have too many questions.

This fall we saw cancer take Papa quickly.  This is the first time I’ve watched someone I love die.  While it hurts, it is such a powerful reminder how all the little/normal things of life (shared) really can be some of the best things in life.

I look at my fresh calendar for 2014- and more than making a list of resolutions.. I want to step into dreams that I’ve been calling “someday”.  Why not now?  For example: we’ve said for a couple years now that we’d get a puppy for the kids.  Maybe when Jameson was a bit more responsible.  Maybe when Colette was out of diapers… just when life didn’t feel so crazy!

Meet Mabel.  Santa brought us a puppy this year!

IMG_0058Life has gotten crazier.  I’m now keeping track of FOUR.  But.. today as I was washing dishes I looked out the kitchen window to see Mabel chasing Jameson as he laughed in pure delight.  It’s the little things shared.  Why not now?  Maybe in the midst of the crazier, you’ll see such a perfect picture that you can’t help but stop washing the dishes for a moment.  Just to smile.

What do you dream of for 2014?


3 thoughts on “mabel

  1. Why not now? I love it. We did our “why not now?” dog too. I didn’t know how complete he made our family feel until just now when he went missing for two hours. I guess it’s hard to know something is missing from your life until you take a step of faith and try it out. Good post:)

  2. The little things in life are so important, and yet, we are often too busy to enjoy them. I think God is always blessing us in small ways, if we just pay attention. That is one of my dreams for this new year, to take the time to enjoy and savor the “little things” and be thankful for each one.

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