Recently we did an exercise with our missional community.  We individually made reflections of this last year (2013)- putting together a short list of things we can look back and be thankful for.  Things that “God did”.  It’s really just about focus.  Again and again. That’s what I’m learning- focus.  Because even in the hard, there is good.  Here’s my short list.  I’m thankful- 

We sold our house.

We started at Anchor Point Community Church.

My husband loves me.

We bought our new house.

I have coffee.

Our children are healthy.

For new time shared with Nanny Juntunen.

We live by Lake Superior.

I have paint.

For new friends.

There is beauty in small things.

We live in a nice neighborhood.

For my last visit with Papa Plante.

I get to stay home.

For people who write well- for inspiration through words.

I’m also thankful for this (almost) two-year-old girl.. who gives the best kisses.  They are free.  They are intense.  They are perfect.  She even holds my face.

IMG_0144Very thankful.


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