One year ago we moved into this house as renters.  We put up some chalk paint and then I often walked past this huge corner of our kitchen and pictured a little eating area for the kids.  It was that extra non-functional square footage that needed something.

I love our house.  I love how it has fit us as a family from the start.. and I love making it fit us even better.  I’m a home person.

I was out with my Nanny last month strolling around Saver’s.  There is a lot of junk at Saver’s.  But once in awhile I walk past something that makes walking around the junk 100% worth it.  Like this retro yellow table for $6.99 that makes a completely happy/functional space for Jameson and Lucia to eat and draw.  (The chairs were a bonus find from Overstock).

IMG_0188I started working on our kitchen right after Thanksgiving.  I’ve been sanding, priming, and painting our solid wood cabinets.  What a job!!  I picture the end result looking something like this.  Till then I’ll be using my little foam roller on cabinet doors spread out on our living room floor.  Seriously.  Can you tell I’m excited to work on the bottom half of the cabinets?


Life is busy.  I find I’m leaning towards simplicity more than ever.  In the way I decorate, in the way I live.  Lets keep it simple but significant.

Happy Friday- friends!


One thought on “kitchen

  1. Looking so great! I like the woman who stands and works in this kitchen A LOT. Keep the coffee rolling and decorating ideas coming. Inspirational!!

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