wired world

Our kids do dot books.  They rip out the pages and sit across from each other on the yellow table in the kitchen.  Dot books connect from dot A to dot B to C until you make a picture or finish a maze.  You’ve seen them-right?  Often I’ll hear Jameson reciting the alphabet out loud as he goes. Or I’ll find a finished picture and see how someone started down one path before realizing what letters they skipped!

I’d say this is where I’m at with the fast of 7.  I haven’t figured out what this picture is suppose to be (by any means), but the fast of 7 is connecting things .. thoughts I’ve been having for awhile.  Its also highlighted the skips I’ve chosen to ignore.

If you haven’t followed what 7 means, Ryan and I have been walking through a seven month fast based on the book Seven.  This marks our fifth month- the fast of media.

I was recently reading in Real Simple magazine an article called “Finding Balance in a Wired World” where 3,500 women were surveyed about their smartphones.  Here are a couple of the stats I found alarming:  76% of respondents say they check their smartphones at least once an hour, 48% of respondents say they would rather go without sex for a month than without their smartphones, 39% take their smartphones to the bathroom.  Seriously?

While I’d love to say this is ridiculous.. seriously insane, ladies – I’ve got a problem.  Only when media is removed from my life can I recognize the hold it has on ME.  I’d only check yes to one of the three statistics – but I’m wired.  Too wired.  I’m wasting countless hours per week.  Doing what?

So.. I’m fasting media and feeling very old fashioned and free to spend my time doing different things.  Good things.  Now that we’re farther along in this seven month fast, I’ve had a number of friends ask me if I’ll live life differently afterwards.  If the things I’ve fasted have actually changed me.

I don’t have a clear picture – but things are connecting.  The point I keep coming back to- ” If I could do less- I could do so much more.” And so I’m hopeful.  Hopeful that changes will be made and the best things are yet to come through looking at life a bit differently.


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