The last thing I predicted I’d be is a pastor’s wife.  I’ve learnt never to say never.. because somehow just uttering the word never seems to have sealed its fate.  I am a pastor’s wife.

Of the occasional questions I get as a pastor’s wife- the most common is do I get nervous for Ryan when he preaches.  And quite honestly I don’t.   (I only remember being nervous once when he preached as part of his interview process for our first church job).  I really enjoy it when he preaches.  It helps that he isn’t an introvert.  It helps that he is oh so nice to look at.  It helps that he is a good communicator.  But mostly- when I hear Ryan preach I know he is doing something that he was made to do.

This past weekend Ryan preached.  On weeks he is preaching, I’ll commonly hear about thoughts he’s working through.  This weeks’ topic was unsettling him.  He was coming home frustrated.  It was a harder week and then came Sunday when I sat to hear about unity:  The world will know Christ through His Church and our love for one another.  Through our unity.   John 17:11, 20-23

It was a very challenging word.  Because instead of the world knowing Christ through our unity, I worry that due to our lack of unity the world is less interested in knowing Christ. Unity is this beautiful picture of everyone having a unique gifting that they bring to the bigger picture.. before it can be complete.

It’s about each of us having the humility to recognize that we have a piece of the puzzle. It’s in front of us.  And I think if we all flowed in the things we were made to do (supporting one another) instead of comparing pieces.. it would be incredible.  

When Ryan preaches I’m not nervous.  But after he preaches- I’m unsettled.  Feeling challenged. So I walk.  And think.  How am I reflecting Christ in what I’m doing today?

mabel* If you’d like to hear the full sermon on Unity, click here.  Then you can feel unsettled too.


One thought on “unity

  1. That’s the sign of a good preacher when the sermon leaves you unsettled. 🙂 I know God has gifted Ryan in the area of teaching and preaching, and I hope that he will be able to use that gift to its fullest potential.

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