being a mom

 “I could never do that” seems to be a consensus when it comes to being a stay at home mom, as well as a home school mom.

Really though.. it’s not about being a stay at home mom or a working mom.  It’s not about home schooling or sending your kids to school and arranging busier schedules.  It’s about being a mom.  And being a mom is some seriously hard work!

I was a working mom and now am a stay at home mom.  I’ve done preschool, but also started my first year home schooling with Jameson this fall.  What I’ve found about being a mom is that there will be many opinions offered about what is best for our children (especially when it comes to education).  But I’m also learning- as parents it is OUR responsibility to do what is best for OUR family.  To not write something off as something we could never do.  (Never say never..right?)  It’s recognizing what is best for our family as a whole, and where the balance is of where we need to be right now. Every season of parenting is just that.  A season.  And tomorrow will bring something different.

The most challenging thing about being a mom for me?  I’m an introvert.  Whether I’m working outside the home or here.. it’s about being around people all day.  And it turns out our three little angles are people.  People who need me every minute of every day.  People who rarely leave home without me.  People who generate an incredible amount of noise. It’s critical to find ways to recharge so that I don’t forget the value of making today the best it can be.  To fellow moms reading- you are brave.  You are strong.  Keep on in the incredible (unique) story you’re writing.

Photo on 4-1-14 at 3.41 PM #4What intentional choices have you made for your family as a whole?  


One thought on “being a mom

  1. Being a mom is the most challenging yet rewarding job there is . You are doing a great job with the children and I am proud of you and Ryan. You are right on target about doing what is best for YOUR family—that’s what counts.

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