the laundry situation

Are you always looking for ways to do things better?  To save a little money.  To become more efficient.  Me too!  There are so many options of what I could do.  I like doing things well and moving on to the next thing on my list.

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Laundry is one thing that is always on the list.  I like doing laundry just fine- but it would really be nice to have the satisfaction of having empty laundry baskets for half an hour. (What does the bottom of a laundry basket even look like?  Who knows).  I do a load of laundry most days.  A friend of mine does her laundry one weekend A MONTH as a family of six!  How awesome is that?  If there is a way to do things in bulk & eliminate doing the same task every single day- I’m jazzed.

My laundry suggestion for you: Make your own laundry detergent.  I’ve been using this recipe for a year now (that was shared by one of my super smart “green” friends).  The recipe lasts our family nine months and costs $2 to make!  Compare that to what you’re currently spending.

One thing to check off the shopping list: laundry detergent.  You’re welcome.

What is one thing you do to make make things easier and cheaper at the same time?  


One thought on “the laundry situation

  1. The recipe sounds wonderful… only problem is: I have no idea where to find the ingredients- especially living overseas!!

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