We have a two year old who calls herself “baby”.  She is a doll.  If she weren’t such a doll, she’d be in a lot more trouble.  Because seriously her face is pretty hard to say no to.  You try!  Especially when she does this strange half closing the one eye thing for extra emphasis:

Having a two year old and not having an infant is new territory for me.  She still gets to sleep in her crib (because no smaller body needs it).  Honestly, I’m not sure at what age we’ll move her from the crib.  Confinement seems like a really good idea.

Because Colette is the baby, it is also easy to compare her development and personality to her older two siblings.  The one thing that has been SO different about Colette is her slower vocabulary.  Our pediatrician hasn’t been alarmed, but has said Colette is at the lower level on vocabulary the last few times we’ve been in the office.   (What a polar opposite from our Lucia!)

Just this last week Jameson and Lucia were off to VBS in the mornings for a couple hours and Colette and I had extra time: just mom and baby.  This is so rare.  It was sweet.  She would follow me around and mimic everything I said!  Each day Colette was saying something new.  It wasn’t that I talked to her so differently.. I guess she was just game for some girl conversation.

My favorite new little sentence she puts together: “mom, it’s not too bad”.   And if you could hear her sweet little voice and extra emphasis you’d love it too.

Good perspective, baby.  It’s not too bad.




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